Will Small Business Go the Way of the Pay Phone?

I would like to invite you to participate in a focus group about technology, community, and the future of independent business. Drinks and snacks provided.

A Book Bar in Portland

Rose City Book Pub, 1329 NE Fremont Street

The Book Pub is a combination bookstore and bar and restaurant. The books are for sale. People are also allowed to bring their own books in to read, and they’re welcome to drink while they read books they haven’t bought yet…

Art That Sticks with You

Artist and mom Maria McConnell makes gorgeous decals inspired by the Pacific Northwest.

Who Is Molly Muriel?

Not who you’d expect.

Read our interview with founder and apothecary Branda to find out.

Keep On Trucking

Read Geak Burchill’s new webcomic about being homeless.

2020 Wellness Gift Guide

For me, wellness means taking care of yourself—and giving others the tools and resources to do the same. We hope it inspires you to think past the obvious and create wonderful experiences and memories for the year to come.

Here’s to a healthy and productive 2020. Have fun! Shop local.

Nine Twilights and Counting

The Art of Andrea Rosales


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