Why I Live in Portland: An Open Letter to Iris Vicencio – Rasku

Why I Live in Portland: An Open Letter to Iris Vicencio – Rasku

Greenfield, MA Election Day. June 8, 2010

Dear Iris,

This essay isn’t being written to settle scores. It’s about setting the record straight. And also feminism.

And also, so this never has to happen to another woman.

This is a picture of me and you, from our town’s elections. You ran for City Council as a Democrat, and won. I really liked you and your husband and your daughter. I thought you were both supercool. You had one birthday where you asked everyone to make music mixes. You had another birthday party where you rented out a roller skating rink.

And then over time, you distanced yourself. You even left Go Greenfield, the Facebook page we had started together to promote positive news about our town. I think I know why.

Another woman worked for me briefly and then resigned from my company. I didn’t actually fire her. I just refused to give her some vacation time that she had asked for, and then she decided to stop showing up at work. She had been on the job for less than two months. After we parted ways, this former employee (not you) did everything she could to sabotage my company and wreck my personal life.

She made all of our friends choose between us. If they invited me to a party, she wouldn’t come. When I tried to talk to our mutual friends to make peace she blocked me. She had signed a nondisclosure agreement (something she wanted — I didn’t ask for one). I think the gag order made things worse. What happened, as far as I can tell, was that this woman didn’t say anything bad about me directly, but passively encouraged rumors to fly. Particularly in local Democratic Party circles. (She was also a City Council member.) Another influential female Democrat in that town, someone I had known since college, de-friended me without explanation.

What were people saying? I have no idea. I feared there were lies floating around: either that I was a prostitute or that I had broken up somebody’s marriage. All I can say is that I will swear on the Holy Bible that neither of those things are true. Same for porn, by the way. Wouldn’t go near that industry if my life depended on it.

I moved to this town because my husband left me for another woman. I know how it feels to lose everything. I would never want to be the other woman, or to be with a man who would cheat on his spouse. I know how people in small towns talk, because I heard the talk about everyone else. There I was, walking down Main Street to my office all summer long, wearing a sundress or a tank top (my house didn’t have central air conditioning). I think that was all it took.

It still surprised me when a Boston concertgoer told me he had met a woman from Greenfield, who claimed to have heard of me and told him that my reputation was “not good.” Maybe he was just making up that story. I don’t know. But maybe he wasn’t. My old company kept our existing clients, but we had sort of a donut hole when it came to new business.

We got more clients from suburbs and cities nearby, but local word-of-mouth dried up. There could have been other factors in play. Greenfield was in the midst of an opioid epidemic, so that could have been part of the problem too. It was never that bad. Nobody ever spat at me in the street as I passed by. I still had my friends. I still had the same web development company, which by the way is now in its tenth year of business.

Before Coronavirus we were one of the most visible and well-known independent businesses in town, after the natural foods co-op and the periodontist. But at the end of the day, there wasn’t enough money to pay me and pay the lead developer also. He brought in the majority of the billable hours, so I sold the company to him and moved to the West Coast, expecting to start over. Greenfield was for me my perfect place. I loved that you could find streets where chickens roamed free, great food, and amazing hiking trails. I knew that people were committed to making our schools and our library better. It may not have been as fashionable as some of the other towns but I was proud to call it home. I miss my town. I miss the house I bought. I wanted so much to give back. I expected to stay and grow old there.

This is the house I bought in 2008. I remember making an offer on it the same day I went to my Williams College 10-year reunion. It seemed like, in spite of my divorce, everything was to be ok.

This is the house I bought in 2008. I remember making an offer on it the same day I went to my Williams College 10-year reunion. It seemed like, in spite of my divorce, everything was to be ok.

Iris, you were elected to public office in Greenfield. You were respected and liked by pretty much everyone. I found out last summer that you blocked me online. I have no idea why.

During all the time that I was running my business in that small town in Massachusetts, I tried to look the other way. But as far as I can tell, the whispering campaign continued. Until I eventually did have to leave town. I realized then that being polite and nice doesn’t always work. If someone is a threat, particularly if they have treated you badly, they are going to keep looking for ways to sabotage you and put you down.

There is no neutral or safe territory. It is easy to speak out against schoolyard bullies. It is harder to know what to do when you are a single woman in your late thirties, trying to run a business and give back to your community, while there is a whispering campaign against you.

Iris, I don’t blame you at all, but I am sorry we are no longer friends. The conflict between us happened because of other people’s agendas. I am chalking what happened up to envy and jealousy. I survived. But I miss Massachusetts.

Tess Gadwa

Program Director
Giving Map

Founder and Product Architect
Lotus.fm LLC

The Problem with Trauma

The Problem with Trauma

This is not a victim narrative. Quite the opposite.

Think back to the fall of 2019. That’s right. Before masks, before COVID. Back when the only things we had to worry about were Trump and global warming. And oh yeah, everything else. Think back to the evening of Sunday, September 22. I was folding laundry in my bedroom. I was by myself.

How triggered was I when I got your email? Pretty damn triggered.

So triggered that I remember reading an entirely different letter. I still don’t understand how, but I thought you were saying the opposite of what you said. The letter you wrote below (redacted) was thoughtful, compassionate, and entirely appropriate. Keep in mind that all this transpired a year and a half ago. You asked me to cut off contact last June, which I respected. I am posting this belated response on my blog, knowing that you have stopped by the site in the past, in the hopes that you may read it.

I only came across your email this past Saturday night, in the process of scheduling a photo shoot prior to our app’s 2.0 launch. Somehow searching for the word “headshot” brought up the subject line “Heads up”  — and this message from you — in my Gmail search results. I was surprised, because I didn’t remember a thread with that subject line. I try not to revisit our correspondence and have deleted most of it. I think what must have happened was that I skimmed it quickly on my phone, but was simply too angry to process or understand the contents. 

I am deeply sorry. It wasn’t a conscious choice.

I wish I could undo it. It would have saved us both a series of hostile and deeply unpleasant exchanges, and (for me this is important) it would have provided the closure that I needed. You were willing, I think, to give me everything I was asking for: which was in essence the space to be heard and come to some place of mutual understanding.

Now I doubt if I will ever get that chance. Maybe eventually I’ll write a self-help piece about trauma. Maybe I’ll try to cover these topics in fiction. I wish I had the option of moving on, but that is the most difficult part of trauma. The best I’ve been able to do is stay busy.

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Rose C. [who can be wrong about things]

****, far from disregarding you, I have been unsure about how to respond and have been trying to figure it out. I *****************************************************************************************************
don’t even know where to go to find that out, so it’s taken me a bit of research.


***************************************************************************************************************** ************, entirely well-intentioned time together last year.

More soon.

Thanks and best regards,




Plot Synopsis by Rose C.

2023 is a work of fiction, set in a future Portland. All characters are composites. Any resemblance to real persons is purely coincidental.

This is a parable. It is about a young woman named Michelle who decides to organize a resistance after her girlfriend Lauren is taken in the middle of the night by a sinister government organization known as the Sentinels. They both live in Portland.

Michelle is short with spiky hair, bleached blond at the tips. She has a quick temper and wishes people would take her more seriously. Her girlfriend is a few years older. Lauren is medium height, with shoulder-length light brown hair. She is the grown-up of the couple — has the car and the office job. The lease is in her name.

Lauren works for a nonprofit, and Michelle works for Starbucks. Lauren’s only crime was going to one Antifa meeting and also participating in a bunch of marches, including Pride. Michelle feels mega guilt because she hid when the secret police came to their apartment, so she decides to organize a resistance to free her girlfriend.

The one other hacker Michelle knows in Portland won’t help her, so she writes her own game mod (for a first-person shooter, very primal and raw) as a recruiting tool. She attracts a fair number of followers, many of them ex-military. The kind of people who play paintball on the weekends. They decide to plan a raid.

They are successful at breaking into one of the three detention facilities at a camp outside Spokane and freeing prisoners, but it turns out not to be the one where Lauren is held. Michelle is even more guilt-ridden because the experienced soldiers would not let her lead the raid. They told her she was too green and also too valuable. She watches the action play out from a hilltop, with two guards for protection.

People died because of her. She has a movement on her hands and the Sentinels are on to her…


Part One: “Taken”

I had insomnia that night. Got out of bed, left Lauren sleeping. Raided the fridge. Pistachios, gummy bears, and queso. Hit the boards, played the new Star Wars game past the point of idiocy, and was counting the hours until my shift began at the coffee shop when I heard a knock at the door.

No doorbell. Just loud, insistent knocking.

I checked my phone. It was 3:53 AM, exactly. That’s not a good time for anybody to be knocking at your door. Not that fall. I’d heard the rumors. I’d heard the stories.

I was going to run back to the bedroom and warn Lauren. I swear I was. But I just froze.

Then she came down the stairs, an angel in a blue bathrobe, and answered the door. WTF? Why would she do that?

And I am so ashamed of myself, but this is what I did. I hid.

Not any place fancy. We didn’t have any secret bunker. No safe rooms or go boxes. It was a $1200 / month Victorian walk-up off Alberta.  I hid in the coat closet. Shut the door behind me so fast. Would they hear the sound? There I was, trying to breathe through Polartec and GoreTex, while they took my baby away.

I couldn’t see at all. Even the words were muffled.

They asked her name. They asked her for identification. I remember her saying:

“Why are you taking my picture?” “Why won’t you read me my rights?” “Am I under arrest?”

They never identified themselves. Never said what agency or branch of government they were with. They wouldn’t answer her questions directly. They never asked about me. Queer invisibility is worth something, I guess.

They just said, “Come with us, ma’am. And there won’t be any trouble.”

Ma’am! Lauren is 27. She went quietly, I guess. I didn’t hear much of a struggle.

The last words I heard her say were, “I want to speak with my lawyer.”

A muffled shout. Feet shuffled out, and then the front door slammed.

I was shaking. My heart was racing. I could barely breathe I was so scared. I was crying and I think I thew up a little bit in my mouth but I was trying my best not to make any sound. I had my phone with me the whole time but I was too scared to use it. I mean, what if they could track that? I stayed inside that closet until I could see gray daylight filtering through the crack at the top of the closet door.

The apartment was empty. Lauren’s unmade bed. Her work clothes set out neatly for the next day. Jeans, black velvet top, brown ankle boots. Her lunch in the refrigerator. Her car in the driveway.

I felt so guilty, and so sad.

I wished I’d had a gun. I would have used it. Wouldn’t have made any difference in the long run, but we could have made it to the getaway car, gone out like Thelma and Louise, in a blaze of glory.

Maybe, I wished I’d just fucking gotten myself together and run up those stairs to warn her in time. Maybe we both could have hid. Maybe it would have been better if they’d taken us both.

I didn’t want to go home. Fuck, maybe they were waiting for me too.


I had to tell her family.

Her mom. Her brothers.

But the only way I knew to reach them was Facebook. And that was a no-no. Just trust me on that one!

Did she have an address book hidden away somewhere? We’d only been going out seven months. Would I know if she had a written record of her contacts, apart from her phone? I started to look, rifle through drawers and bookshelves like the Sentinels hadn’t even bothered to, but then I realized it was all just fucking pointless.

They were coming for all of us, or they weren’t.

They had the power. They had the data. They had the money and the numbers. This wasn’t one of my games. There was no Rebel Alliance. I was on my own. Dragging anybody else in was too dangerous.

So I did what I had to do. I locked up, grabbed my bike from outside, and went to work.

Made it there on-time, with seconds to spare. I don’t know what it says about me that no one much noticed that anything was wrong. It’s true I was insomniac and/or hung over and/or stoned a good 70% of the time. How much effort does it really take to press a button that says “Espresso”? I never tried to make the little hearts with cappucinno foam. Mine always came out wobbly, or demented, or both.

And it’s so funny, nobody at work even noticed anything was wrong.

There was no, “Michelle, are you ok?” “Michelle, you look kind of out of sorts?” “Michelle, are you feeling all right?”

We all just went along our way. Happy robots as usual.

I could only think of one person to call.

I had to think really hard about this. I didn’t want to get anyone else involved. I had an inkling of where this was going. And the outlook didn’t look good for anyone.

Plus Michael’s girlfriend was always really, really jealous! Even though I was a dyke, with really short and spiky hair, and like 10 years younger than both of them. She hated my guts.

#cisgirls #whatever #workonyourownissues Except they never do that. They just pop out kids and pass on their insecurities to the next generation. I watch that slow-motion train wreck every day of my life.

So I pulled up Signal on my phone when no one was looking.

> What are you doing after work today?

We made plans to meet at the Bye & Bye, at 5 PM. At least Happy Hour wasn’t illegal yet.

No cocktails for me that night. Kind of wanted a beer to steady my nerves, but then I was like, what if the Sentinels came at that very moment and I had to snake my bike through traffic in the wrong direction (no helmet) and onto side streets to lose them? No way was I taking that chance.

We sat down. Michael got some bowl with rice and avocadoes. I had french fries. Lauren’s last lunch (untouched) had been dolmeh, hummus, and carrot sticks. In honor of her, I was thinking of turning vegan.

“They took her,” I told him.


“The Sentinels took Lauren, in the middle of the night.”

“No fucking way!!! You’re shitting me.” Michael was incredulous.

“I wish I was. I was hiding in the coat closet. I didn’t see it, but I heard the whole thing.”

Michael lowered his voice. “Was Lauren into anything, you know, radical?”

I laughed and shook my head. “She went to an Antifa meeting once. And she marched in, I guess, six or seven protests. Climate change. Women’s equality. And of course, Pride.”

I gave him a long stare.

Michael backed up pretty quickly. “I didn’t mean to imply anything. It’s more just like…”

“You wanted to know, was she cooking up bombs in the pantry?”


“We–she–has–had a really nice pantry. And honestly, it would be really more my style to build a bomb. And think about what room of the house would be best for bomb making.”

“Uh huh?” Michael asked quietly.

“But I haven’t done that either! Puh…leaze. I don’t even visit your warez server.”

Michael broke in. “Michelle, this is serious. Are you sure this is the best place to talk about it?”

We’d all had the paranoia discussion, so many times online. In a sense we believed in it, but none of it seemed remotely real. All the ways *they* could be listening: the microphones on cell phones, video cameras on monitors, smart TV’s. I never “X’d” out the cameras on my monitor with tape. But that was because all I had in the way of hardware was a beat-up Sony Vaio laptop. And my phone. And the Xbox I bought Lauren. (That was a bowling ball named “Homer,” if ever there was one.)

“Can you think of a better place?” I replied.

“Fair enough.”

Michael sipped his beer, and paused before speaking again.

“So you think they were Sentinels?”

“I do. I didn’t see them, but it’s how they operate.”

“Michelle, how much do you know about the Sentinels?” he asked me.

“I know they were created after the quote-unquote Terrorist Dirty Bomb Attack of 2021. Created the very next day. And they aren’t answerable to anyone except the Oval Office.”

“Rump and Pants. Our President and Vice President.”

“Yes, them.”

“Their raids are nearly always in the middle of the night, and they target U.S. citizens suspected of quote-unquote terrorist activity,” Michael intoned, then stopped himself. “Am I mansplaining?”

“No, I’m interested. Keep talking.”

Michael continued. “What is interesting is that the Sentinels have no ties whatsoever to the criminal justice system. They do not charge individuals with a crime. They simple seize them and hold them.”

“America’s home-grown Gestapo,” I chimed in.

“I’m afraid you’re right. Nobody knows who they are. Nobody even knows what their budget is, or how many of them there are,” he said.

“What I want to know is where they took her,” I told him. “So I can break her out.”


“Don’t try to talk me out of this.”

“Ok, then. How are you going to do it?”

“I don’t know yet. But there’s got to be a way.”

“Michelle, these facilities are heavily guarded…”

“No system is uncrackable. How many discussions have we had about that?”

Michael looked flummoxed. “Sure, in theory. But do you know what the consequences would be if you got caught?”

“Do you know what the consequences were for Lauren? Who had done absolutely nothing?” I whispered in a hoarse stage whisper, since I couldn’t shout in the crowded bar. “Sooner or later they’re coming for all of us.”

Michael was shaking his head.

And this was where I lost my cool, I admit it. “Look Michael, I know you’ve got a good job. I know you’ve got a lot to lose. I know you’re a straight white male. But you’re not immune.”

Michael got really defensive, then. “Don’t play that victim card on me! You could get a job as a programmer too. You have the chops. I’ve seen your code. Just go back to school.”

“This isn’t about that, Michael. You are acting like we’re still living in 2019. We’re not. This is the new world. Nobody is safe.”

Michael’s face just froze up. He wouldn’t talk to me. At the Bye & Bye you pay at the counter, but I saw him glancing around as if maybe a waiter could rescue him.

“I’m sorry, Michelle. I don’t know what you’re looking for. But I can’t help you.”

I stared at him, incredulous.

“Look, Michelle. You should be more careful. Just try not to attract attention. You’ll be fine.”

“But. What. About. Lauren?”

Michael was talking faster now. I could tell he was nervous. “And you know, really do think about a coding bootcamp. You’re a very bright young woman! I hear there are some where you don’t even have to pay anything up front. They just take 30% of your salary until the tuition is paid off.”

Now was my moment to get up and push my half-empty water glass and plate of cold fries away.

“Michael. Don’t give me advice.”

And then I made my daring getaway by bike. I really did weave in and out of traffic, and get honked at twice, but it was mostly because I couldn’t see through the tears. The only person I had trusted to help had just let me down.

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Remote Mental Health Services

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Abri Radically Open DBT. Abri, based in Portland, Oregon, is one of the first psychotherapy clinics worldwide to specialize solely in Radically Open DBT for disorders of over-control. Both LiLin and Kirsten are on the RO DBT Senior Clinician team and are approved RO DBT trainers. They are enthusiastic practitioners of RO DBT, stay current with the research and have an active consultation team with other senior clinicians in the Northwest. Their mission is to provide excellent full-fidelity treatment in a lovely and inviting setting. (503) 386-1515

Connective Therapy Collective. Committed to intersectional, trauma-informed,
pleasure-centered clinical work in sex and gender. (971) 361-8303

The Counseling Umbrella. We are a mental health counseling private practice, committed to helping clients & our community engage around mental health issues. Masters in Professional Mental Health Counseling, Social Work.  (503) 473-1600 

Emerging Path Counseling, LLC. Mental Health counseling, general practice as well as specializing in trauma and anxiety. Stephanie Garneaux is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor III, and a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She has worked in behavioral health for over 10 years, and as a Qualified Mental Health Professional since 2014. Stephanie has a Masters Degree in Community Mental Health Counseling. (971) 291-0579

Family Roots Therapy. Family Roots Therapy is a counseling practice in Portland, Oregon focused specifically on the unique mental health needs of new parents and young children. (503) 746-3373 

Kirgin Consulting. I am a Jungian psychologist and business/leadership consultant. I am working virtually with individuals, couples, leaders at this time. Contact Online

Marchick Counseling and Consulting. My philosophy is that in every stage in life there is an opportunity for personal growth and acceptance of self. Together we will evaluate the options available to you, discuss how to navigate family dynamics, create appropriate plans and strategies, and learn about self-care. Exploring and establishing healthy habits can help one find balance and feel success. (503) 683-3179

MindTree. I am a licensed child and family therapist primarily working with children ( 4 plus) and women. Currently offer virtual sessions! (503) 766-4895 

Rachael A Ringwood. Specializes in mood disorders such as depression, anxiety and bipolar conditions. (385) 203-7622 

Root and Bloom Counseling. Specializing in Holistic, Inclusive Pregnancy and Postpartum Counseling, Including Depression, Anxiety, Traumatic Births, Grief, and Loss. (503) 905-9839

Sarah Hart, Psychotherapy. My approach is dynamic & collaborative. I work from a culturally-informed, inclusive model & incorporate all aspects of an individual’s identity/experiences into treatment. My specialties include anxiety, depression, identity, Autism & relationships. (503) 967-9767

Urban Counseling Collective. We are open to new telehealth intakes for anyone that is wanting to begin psychological services or anyone needing additional support during this time of social distancing. 503-610-2044

Veronica Wilson. Therapist in Portland currently open to new clients for remote/teletherapy. I am inclusive and welcoming, and specialize in body image, health, wellness and weight loss. 503-765-7177


Alignment and Alchemy. Hi, I’m Sarah, and I help women reconnect with their authentic selves and achieve greater health and happiness through movement, mindfulness, and mindset. Contact online

Apothic Energy. Working from a place of love and genuine desire for all to have well being, Apothic Energy utilizes old and new energy medicine techniques to bring people into a true sense of health. Contact online

Alyssa Rose Healing Arts. My focus and passion rests with end of life care and working with grief. I find Craniosacral Therapy and unwinding to be extremely beneficial for people at this stage of life, and love this work. I also practice massage (relaxation, wellness, MVA’s, myofascial, and deep tissue). (503) 345-0530

Beatriz Reyna. Inner child work/shadow work/journeys into your inner world.

Beloved Coaching. I am a Sex and Intimacy Coach who has completed Advanced Training in the Somatica® Method. My heart’s work is to help people explore, deshamify, and celebrate their unique sexual selves. (971) 238-8131

Bipolar Life Coaching. Wellness and life coaching for persons living with mood disorders and their loved ones. Contact Online

Coach Woida. Certified life coach specializing in mental health, building confidence and emotional intelligence. (802) 498-5062 

The Courage Practice. The Courage Practice is offering FREE intuitive 1:1 coaching sessions via Zoom throughout April. Please share the love with someone you love. We are here for you and your community, friends. Contact online

Emanating Medicine. 1:1 coaching for emotional/trauma/shadow integration sessions. Contact online

Grief Warrior. I hope to soften the armor of grief by validating the pain and witnessing the emotion. Together, let’s make sure that the grieving know they are not alone. (800) 901-4617

Grounded Alignment. The Grounded Alignment work incorporates tools and practices from several disciplines, including guided breathing/visualization exercises, writing and daily practices. Contact online

Enhance Your Life. I work with heart-centered healers & women in business to create their ideal life. With over 30 years experience, Jan is a Transformational Coach, whose background includes: Tapping Into Wealth coach program, Naturopathic Physician (ret) instructor/speaker, hypnotherapist, and behavior therapy. (503) 593-3360

HealingWaze. Holistic Health Directory.

Inner Skye Counseling. Our inner world is multi-faceted, like the terrain of the Sky(e). I am honored and inspired to join you in navigating your inner landscapes. Now offering telehealth therapy sessions. (971) 361-8861 

Julia Phoenix. Relationship coach, speaker and transformational healer. Email questions. Contact online

Julie Papcup. Personal coaching and tapping. Contact online

Lauren Drake Coaching. I help women live in alignment with their soul callings, so they can find more peace, ease, and wealth. Contact online

Lenore Hypnosis. I do a lot of work with confidence and helping people gain control over feelings of anxiety, fear, and insecurity. (425) 985-7916 

Light Heart Society. Holistic life coaching for creatives. Contact online

MCHealth Life Coach. I have a private Health & Life Coach practice where I specialize in transformational habit change, being an advocate for living healthy, and an accountability partner to keep you striving to reach your ultimate goals. Contact online

Myrissa Otterbein-Pyle. 1:1 Lifestyle coaching. Psychedelic consultations and integration. Contact online

The Nature In You. Katrina Nilsson-Gorman, is a certified Nature and Forest Therapy Guide and Intuitive Healer. She holds certifications with The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy, the Tree of Totems Spiritual Wilderness School as an Ayu-Shamanic Practitioner, and a Bachelor of Arts from The University of Puget Sound in Music and English. (970) 556-4562

Nurture Life Coaching. Certified Life Coach & Licensed Massage Therapist, Focusing on Women and LGTBQ Individuals. Cultivating your inner clarity for positive change. (503) 473-4754

Rachel Li Coach. Rachel works with leaders to offer soulful solutions to the disquiet spoiling the workplace. If you are tired from too much screen staring and from having partially present dialogues come recharge with some deep healing. Contact online

Soul Talk Coaching. Phone support for LGBTQIA + Individuals, couples, and families, help with anxiety, depression, dating, relationships, family, career, financial worries, spiritual growth, and much more. Contact online

Stella Harris. I’m a certified intimacy educator and professional coach. In addition to my direct work with clients and students, I work with professionals such as therapists and educators in the hopes of putting myself out of a job. (503) 568-1275

The Vital Spirit. I am an empath, spiritual teacher, and intuitive healer living in Portland, Oregon. I created The Vital Spirit to be an instrument in the ongoing shift in human consciousness. I serve empaths and lightworkers through intuitive energy alignment and strategic business consulting. I align my clients with their true nature and their spirit-led businesses. (503) 784-3119

Sophia Treyger. Sophia is a Relationship & Intimacy Coach, and owner of Radical Pleasurist, teaching the global community how to have meaningful and deeply connected relationships through embodiment, courageous communication, and the creation of genuine agreements without needing to be a people-pleaser. Radical Pleasurist shifts people from pleaser to pleasure. Contact Online

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Arbor Vitae. Massage & Somatic Therapies for every body, mind and spirit. Tap into the root of health at ARBOR VITAE. (503) 367-7659

Aurora Remember. My mission is to help Highly Excitable people use their fire without getting burned by connecting with their powers, balance their energy and feel a sense of accomplishment in their life. Contact Online

The Brain Breakthrough. Unlocking Your Brain’s Potential! Breakthrough anxiety, trauma, reading struggles, and concussions! (971) 231-5214

The Bodhi Tree. Dr. Sage Dillon The Bodhi Tree offering exercise, rehab, nutritional counseling, exams for new or old musculoskeletal injuries and referrals to imaging. I am also able to answer questions if somenone is unclear if they need to go to ED. Insurance is accepted for telehealth if you are in OR. (503) 331-1800

Dovetail College Counseling.  Amy Romm Lockard is a dedicated college admissions expert and founder of Dovetail College Consulting. M.S.Ed. (609) 706-6492

Fit Body Boot Camp. Online coaching with our members until we can open up again! Contact Online

Flying Squirrel Consulting Partners, LLC. I am offering discounted virtual business coaching: survival and recovery strategy. Flying Squirrel provides flexible support services for motivated business owners who are seeking mentoring, coaching, & experienced perspective. (503) 926-3601

Ikigai Wellness. Walking along in your journey of life, you’ve come across physical trauma, difficulties and stressors that have affected you in many ways. Your health is the foundation you walk on, a wholistic environment comprised of your physical, mental-emotional and spiritual well-being. My purpose is to assist you with reducing your pain naturally, finding your balance and returning to the activities you love. (503) 308-8676

Kirin Bhatti. Earth-Based Healing+Strategy Guided By The Rhythms Of The Seasons And Our Bodies. For The Change-Makers, Leaders And Healers Who Are Hungry To Resurrect Ancient Blueprints On How To Lead And Live Naturally. Email

New // Narratives. Robin Carlisle is a Multidisciplinary Healing Arts Practitioner, working with a wide range of therapeutic modalities from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to Mindfulness, as well as variety of Somatic practices. (503) 457-2749

Prenatal and Postpartum Online Resources. An online spreadsheet of area providers offering virtual services.

Radical Wellbeing Body Work. Licensed Massage Therapist. Movement Teacher. Medicinal Poet. Priestess of the New Paradigm. (503) 662-2490

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Crisis Resources

Crisis Resources

We’ve put together a list of helpful national and local Portland, OR and Seattle, WA resources for mental health and suicide prevention, updated for COVID-19. Please let us know if any of these links are broken, or if you have new ones to suggest. Thank you, and be well.


https://suicidepreventionlifeline.org The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 provides 24/7, free and confidential support for people in distress, prevention and crisis resources for you or your loved ones, and best practices for professionals. Telephone and online chat available.

https://oregonyouthline.org For teens, they can call, text, chat and during certain hours can talk to peer support.

https://www.crisistextline.org Crisis Text Line, text HOME to 741741.

http://communitycounselingsolutions.org/warmline  A peer-run program of Community Counseling Solutions.

https://www.translifeline.org – Peer support, hotline, and resources for the trans community.

https://www.thetrevorproject.org – A national 24-hour, toll free confidential suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth.

503-575-3764Crisis Line for Racial Equity Support – Answered by BIPOC counselors M-F from 8:30 AM -5:00 PM.

877-226-3111 – Addiction Hotline

1-855-227-3640 – Caregiver Help Desk Hotline

503-300-1633 – Clackamas Senior Loneliness Line

844-228-2962 – Eating Disorder Hotline

877-455-0628 – Self Harm Hotline

888-640-5174 – Depression Hotline

Clackamas County Mental Health Crisis Line (503) 655-8585

Multnomah County Mental Health Crisis Line (503) 988-4888

Washington County Mental Health Crisis Line (503) 291-9111

Thero Directory

Seattle Mental Health Crisis Line (866) 427-4747

Suicide Prevention Cards - PDX Local

Community Resources

https://www.nami.org NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation’s largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. Oregon NAMI Chapter: https://namior.org/

http://gettrainedtohelp.com – Suicide First Aid. Free trainings in suicide prevention for the general public, youth workers, and more. Includes the ASIST curriculum. Trainings temporarily suspended.

https://www.facebook.com/groups/stjohnssuicideprevention – St. John’s Suicide Prevention Team. A community group helping reduce the incidence of suicides in Portland, Oregon and the St. John’s neighborhood.

https://multco.us/mhas/mental-health-crisis-intervention – Multnomah Crisis Intervention Resources (includes walk-in clinic).

https://www.co.washington.or.us/hawthorn – Walk-in trauma intervention program in Washington County.

http://www.seattlecrisis.org/counseling.html – Counseling and mental health resources for Seattle, WA.

https://www.mentalhealthfirstaid.org – Nationwide organization providing training to help someone who is developing a mental health problem or experiencing a crisis.

Substance Abuse

https://www.samhsa.gov/ebp-resource-center/ – Federally funded Evidence Based Practices Resource Center for mental and substance abuse disorders.

https://www.drugrehab.com/guides/suicide-risks/ – A guide to understanding the connection between Substance Abuse & Suicide.

www.AlcoholRehabGuide.org – This guide doesn’t promote any specific clinic or service, but it does provide valuable information to help people understand the effects of alcoholism and the variety of ways to find help.

www.alcoholhelp.com – Browse resources and get connected to treatment that is right for you.


https://bipolarlifecoach.com – A Portland-based practice offering one-on-one coaching to individuals with mood disorders, and their family and loved ones. Sliding scale spots available.

http://www.juliefast.com/ – A Portland-based site offering books and resources to individuals living with bipolar. The author also offers coaching services.

Suicide Prevention Cards - PDX Local


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